Religious Education

Welcome to St. Cyprian’s Parish School of Religion!

St. Cyprian’s PSR meets Mondays from 6:15-7:30 pm. Please note that starting this year, all grades will have class on Monday only (no classes on Tuesday).

Our religious Education program, with its sound catechetical curriculum, is a wonderful addition to your own parental teaching and example.  Children learn what they see and hear.  As a parish family we must work together to help take care of our younger generation.

St. Cyprians has a dedicated staff to share in this mission by bringing our Faith to each child.  Our Catechist-Volunteers, work diligently to learn more and to find ways to bring the spirit of Christ alive in each pupil’s heart.

Parents are the child’s first and primary teachers.  We, as your Church family, will do everything that we can to support you in your mission as Catholic parents.

For more information regarding PSR contact:

Debbie Kacsala, Director of Religious Education (

St. Cyprian PSR office: (440) 259-2344, press 6